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  • Email: ryan.halferty (at)
  • GChat: ryan.halferty (at)
  • Skype: rhalferty
  • I'm in: Arlington, VA

A Developer From Birth

Ever since I was a tot, I was using a computer. Whether it was putting in the Battlezone cartridge or the 3.5" Reader Rabbit floppy disk, I could already tell that I would be growing up in a virtual world. My group of friends introduced me to QBasic and my programming destiny had begun.

From QBasic, I was exposed to C++, Visual Basic, and Java. Java was definately the language of choice, because of both its simplicity and its up and coming promise. At the University of Virginia I continued to pick up more experience and learned more languages including: the stack of HTML/CSS/PHP/MySQL, Ruby, Python, and C#.

In college I was grateful to get an amazing internship at Crutchfield, the headquarters for everything audio and video. I was even lucky enough to meet Bill Crutchfield himself! Between this internship where I worked on an enterprise level website and a friend that managed his own personal website, I was hooked and I knew web development was a path I wanted to pursue. I received training in ASP.NET and decided to self-teach myself php.

Knowing my desire for web development, I was hired by CGI Federal to work on another enterprise website, The experience was useful, but I was a small pea in the pod. I received a chance to shine, when I moved to a smaller team that focused on the Nationwide Health Information Network (NHIN). Although it involved mostly Java, it challenged me to learn many different aspects of web services.

After my time at CGI, I worked for a small company, PORTAL Technologies that contracted to the US Census Bureau. Using the Agile process, we worked on a hybrid mobile application for Non-Response Follow-Up. The app combined jQuery mobile front-end and a custom built XML interpreter to quickly create new questionnaires.

Life of a Programmer

Web Development


These are some of my past projects where I have been responsible for some or all of the web development.


Mobile Development


These are my past projects where I have been responsible for some or all of the mobile development.


  • PHP - Great
  • jQuery - Great
  • MySQL/SQL - Great
  • ASP/ASP.NET - Fair


  • Unity 3D (C#) - Great
  • Corona SDK (Lua) - Great
  • iPhone (Objective-C) - Good
  • Android (Java) - OK

The Future of a Developer

It is my resolution to become a full-time freelance developer. I'm looking for full-time or part-time contracts where I can further my knowledge and get hands on experience in both web and mobile development. I want to do freelance work for the flexibility, but also I enjoy the reward from the large amount of responsibility.

In addition to freelance work, I want to continue to develop mobile applications under Lyan Apps LLC. I have several ideas and I would like to see all of them come to fruition.

Pleasure for a Programmer

Outside of work I have several interests that occupy my time

  • Video Games - I have an XBox, Wii, and PS2. I get the most use out of my XBox with several first-person shooters and sports games, but the Wii is great for Wii Sports and Mario Galaxy.
  • Ice Hockey - I'm several seasons in to playing ice hockey now and absolutely love it. My team, has been at the bottom and the top, but every season so far has been loads of fun
  • Soccer - I've played soccer most of my life, and now I play mostly to meet new people and enjoy some casual competition.
  • Fishing - Everyone needs something to help them unwind. Fishing is great to get away from the hectic life-style, but it can still be a little competitive when trying to catch the biggest fish.
Last Update: May 15, 2014